I value sharing knowledge as much as creating it. I think one of the most important roles of a teacher is to trigger curiosity and to lead students to wonder about the natural world.

Tide pools are the best classroom – Developmental Biology in the Ocean 2016

As a graduate student at Stanford, I was a co-instructor for Developmental Biology in the Ocean (BIOS236) and a teaching assistant for  Developmental Biology (BIO160A) and Core  Molecular Biology Lab (BIO44X). I gave  invited lectures at Hopkins Marine Station and at California State University Monterey Bay, and led hands-on classes for undergraduates and high school students. Additionally, I am mentoring a high school student who participates in my research on hemichordate development and metamorphosis.

Asking high school students: “Where is the starfish head?” – DNA to Dinosaurs, from Genomics and Genetics to Evolution 2015


At University of Montreal, I was a teaching assistant for Invertebrate Zoology (BIO2431), Biodiversity I – Invertebrates (BIO1335), Biodiversity IIVertebrates (BIO1445) and Cell Biology (BIO1157).